Radial double-headed LED outdoor wall spotlight of 53,91

Whether in the entrance area or on the garage wall - Radial with two flexibly adjustable spots ensures brightness everywhere in an energy-saving manner. The exterior wall spotlight is equipped with a motion detector - detection angle 130 °, range 8 m.

Iridescent glass pendant lamp Bulb Of 36,90

An absolute eye-catcher - this is the Bulb pendant lamp, which has not got its name for no reason, because the shape of the lampshade is reminiscent of an oversized Edison light bulb. This "light bulb" was filled with iridescent metal wires that complete the nostalgic look of the light bulb, because they are reminiscent of the filament of this well-known lamp.

LED hanging lamp Eleasa Of 179,90

With this LED pendant lamp, five glass shades are attached to a beam, making Eleasa ideal for illuminating a table surface. In addition, the bar can be moved up and down (80 cm - 190 cm height) because a jojo pendulum is part of the lamp. This makes it easier to cope with the changing local situations.

Philips Hue Iris Of 79,95

As an extension to an existing Philips Hue Smart Home System, the modern LED table lamp Iris is ideal. It is connected to the network and the appropriate bridge (see accessories), and can be controlled, dimmed and managed immediately using the free Hue app.

Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 Of 56,90

The Hue Bridge is the central, intelligent control element of the entire Hue system, so to say the heart. Up to 50 lamps and lights as well as up to 12 accessories can be connected to the Hue Bridge. The Hue Bridge forms the beginning for your own, very individual smart home system.

Vedran base lamp with motion detector of 49,90

Vedran is a helpful addition outdoors, because the base lamp does not need anyone to go to the switch to turn it on because it is equipped with a motion detector that does this. Depending on the requirements on site, the lighting duration can be set individually in the range from 10 s - 8 min.

Tavi – outdoor wall light with 2 Bridgelux LEDs

With an output of only 2 x 7 W, the Brigdelux LEDs of this wall light manage to illuminate the outside of houses and building complexes in an energy-efficient way. The light color per LED is 3,000 Kelvin, which creates a pleasant warm white light.

Outdoor Wall Lamp Daphne Of 99,90

Daphne goes very well with buildings with a historical character, because the exterior wall light has an antique-looking shape and an equally nostalgic rust brown finish. So that the exterior wall light shines as efficiently as possible, it has been provided with a practical motion detector, which is located at the lower end of the frame.

LED base lamp of 76,90

With the flat and rectangular-shaped LED under-cabinet light Helena with modern LED technology, brightness can be ensured in many places, especially under the wall cupboards in the kitchen.

LED path light Ester 800 Of 99,90

The Ester trail light offers modern design, durable workmanship and ambient lighting that scores with energy efficiency and creates a cozy atmosphere. The body of this attractive path lighting consists of rust and corrosion-resistant resin (casting resin) in a shockproof version.