Patterned Washi Tape Sets from $1.35/package of 3 roll

Add flair to craft projects with stylish patterned sets, made to accent, these sets feature coordinating washi tape rolls in various patterns and prints. Each roll is smooth to the touch with a patterned finish on one side and an adhesive surface on the other. Use these rolls to add style to decorations, craft projects, and personal organizers, from $1.35/package of 3 roll.

Tori Teal Wallpaper of $140.00

This tori teal wallpaper costs $140.00, has quick & easy 'Paste The Wall' application, is non-woven wallpaper and it would not shrink or expand overtime.

Stitcher Thread Refill at $2.48

This is a waxed polyester thread, and it is available in a tan color like the original Speedy Stitcher Thread, is strong and works good no knotting when sewing, costs $2.48 only.

Sexual Wellness Kit Of $34

The first of its kind, our Sexual Wellness Kit features a selection of products and resources to help women lead a healthy and satisfying sex life. Filled with an assortment of gynecologist-approved condoms, lubricant, and cleansing wipes, the product costs $34.

Dirty Dice – Black At $19.99

Let the good times roll with the Dirty Dice, roll them together to discover all the naughty things you must do to each other. The product costs $19.99 only.

Xikar Allume Single Torch Lighter Of $53.99

The Xikar Allume is a sleek, sexy and stylish single flame lighter, this has been engineered for performance, strength and dependability. Its small and durable body style fits comfortably in the hand and easily slides into your jacket or pants pocket, costs $53.99.


The Knights Armament Company Vertical Grip is the same vertical grip that is issued to US armed forces with the M4A1 and M16A4. Made from rugged glass filled black polymer, the Knights Armament Company Vertical Grip has been used by warfighters in combat for the last decade with positive results, it costs $65.99.

Discover products for a life well lived at $200 value for $49.99

Become a member and for just $49.99 each season, you will get the box filled with 8-10 full-sized, premium products valued at over $200. Each season choose some products & add-ons you want in your box.


This is an ideal guitar for beginners. Its nylon strings are easy on beginner hands and its 3/4 size will suit children between 8 to 13 years old. With a great sound to inspire you and a design specific to beginners, you  will breeze through the first stages of your playing. It costs $105.

Acrylic 3D Sunflower Fire Mirror Effect Wall Sticker of $5.17

This wall sticker of cost  $5.17,  is easy to adhere, easy to remove and is suitable for living room, children's playroom, dining room, home office, hallway, porch. The sticker has the same reflection as a normal mirror, comes with strong adhesive fixers. The item has a protective foil on it that you need to peel off to reveal the mirror surface.